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What Is GTO Marketingā„¢ ?

"Game Theory Optimal" (GTO) is a term used to describe a strategy that yields a high success rate and cannot be exploited by any level of opposition or competition.

GTO Marketingā„¢ is a marketing strategy that prevents the exploitation of your time, money, and effort by ad networks, weak offers, ineffective funnel designs, or the disruptive trends of the new world so that you can maximize your efforts. The purpose of GTO Marketingā„¢ is to build winning ad campaigns at a higher rate than the number of ad campaigns that lose, under any condition, regardless of how volatile the economy is or how skillful and well-funded your competition may be.

GTO Trackingā„¢ allows you to easily track and manage the necessary Action Pointā„¢ activity that is required to meet your marketing KPIs and goals.

GTO Tracking

Get Straight To The Point

An Action Pointā„¢ is any point of interest in your marketing funnel, such as a landing page, clicking on a link, viewing a page, making a purchase, or downloading an incentive. Any part of a funnel or any aspect of a marketing campaign is an Action Pointā„¢ if that point of action is a step along the way to your ultimate goal of making sales.

The Action Pointā„¢ concept is the core of the GTO Marketingā„¢ Strategy, which simplifies the process of digital marketing for any product or service. This approach enables you to effectively adapt your marketing in real-time to a rapidly changing world with everchanging policies and disruptive trends that impact the lives and minds of your target audience.

See What Matters Most

Who needs to keep track of data that can't be used, controlled, or targeted? The GTO Trackingā„¢ platform provides the data you need at a glance. There's no need to sort through piles of data in order to see what's going on with the important aspects of your ad campaigns, offers, and funnels. The Optimization Scoutā„¢ļø eliminates clusterf*cks, "information overload", and headaches. With GTO Trackingā„¢, useless data and senseless points of failure are a thing of the past.

GTO Marketing Strategy
GTO Tracking

Do Big Things With Small Data

Big data requires artificial intelligence in order to be understood or utilized. Marketing campaigns require actual intelligence in order to be successful because only real decisions produce real results. More data requires more people and more people will make more mistakes. GTO Marketingā„¢ allows you to do more with less. It's not about the size of your data, it's what you do with it. Improving your marketing performance? That's big.

Stop Taking Shots In The Dark

Dropping dollars only to pick up pennies? Knowing when to stop is as important as knowing when to scale. The GTO Marketingā„¢ Strategy and and the GTO Trackingā„¢ platform allows you to know exactly where to focus your efforts and when to stop spinning your wheels...before they start spinning. With GTO Trackingā„¢ you'll never have to bet on a long shot in the dark when it comes to your marketing.

GTO Tracking
GTO Tracking

Track Any Action, Anywhere

GTO Trackingā„¢ has a unique Action Tracking Linkā„¢ feature that allows you to track any type of activity, including sales or affiliate commissions, with a special link. So, you don't have to fumble with variables or the archaic act of embedding codes everywhere. This function does not require the harvesting of private user data...because that's creepy and unnecessary.

Right Here, Right Now

GTO Trackingā„¢ is a private cloud service that is hosted on our powerful servers which means there's nothing to download, install, or configure...and there are no additional charges for hosting, clicks, security, or data retention.

GTO Tracking
GTO Tracking

Professional Support

The easy to follow instructional videos will show you how to quickly begin using the platform. Get the answers or assistance you need from our help desk and schedule live consultations via phone or private online meetings. You'll never be lost or alone with your marketing again.

See How To Reach Your Marketing Goals
With Confidence and Efficiency

Performance Scopeā„¢

Performance Scope

The Performance Scopeā„¢ provides you with the ability to know if any promotion is profitable, before you actually run an ad campaign. Furthermore, this tool shows you exactly which metrics are required for your ad campaign to be successful. Itā€™s like being able to view the future. This allows you to avoid making the kinds of marketing mistakes that cause you to waste money on ad campaigns.

A.I. Performance Optimizerā„¢

The Performance Optimizerā„¢ is an artificially intelligent marketing consultant that informs you of exactly what you need to do in order to optimize your digital marketing campaigns. This tool provides you with precise solutions for any type of problem you can have with running ad campaigns on any paid traffic source. This allows you to manage your ad campaigns with expert guidance.

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